Parish Church of the Holy Cross (Estd 29 May 1987)

Menonpara  was a mission station of the ancient Parish of Athicode until 29 May 1987. The local Catholics, in these days,

Erected a Cross at the road side. The first Church was constructed and blessed by Bishop Francis M.Savarimuthu  on  17 October 1971 and was dedicated to the Holy Cross. A novna in honour of St.Martin  De  Pores  was  started  by  Fr. Lourdusamy  from  Athicode  in 1975 and it became very popular, attracting  devotees  in  thousands  from  far and wide. The Catholic population increased with the  setting  up  of  the  CHICOPS  sugar Factory at  Menonpara.  Bishop  M.Ambrose  detached Menonpara  from   Athicode  and established it as an independent  Parish on  29 May  1987 with Fr.Ephraim as the first Parish Priest.  Later,  Fr.Mariadass installed the new  bell tower on 14 September 1995.

After Fr.Mariadass  and  Fr.Lourdusamy  was  appointed  Parish  Priest  in June 1996 and he died suddenly  in  Menonpara  itself.  After  that there was no Parish Priest here for  some time.  This Parish was attached to the Parish of Christ the King , Sorappara for some time. With the appointment  of Fr.Lazar  Arulappan as Parish in June 2002. The Silver Jubilee of the  Novena  of St.Martin  De Pores  was celebrated  on 15 September  2002 at the time of Fr.Lazar Arulappan. On the same day  Bishop  Thomas  Aquinas  laid the foundation  stone  for a new  Presbytery  which  was  blessed  by  Bishop  Thomas Aquinas  on 14 September  2004. The  new  Church  work was  initiated and completed by Fr.Sundar Raj and it was consecrated in the year 2012 by Bishop Thomas Aquinas. In the year 2017 this Parish was entrusted  to  the  Capuchin  Fathers  OFM (Cap) of Madurai  Province on  contract basis. Fr.Satyan  OFM (Cap), was appointed  the  Parish  Priest (Cap)  completed  the  pending  works,  initiated by Fr.Richard Vijay and initiated ways for further  planning.

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